Competitive Advantage Of

The Right Product

At The Right Price

And The Right Time

If you want your company to become competitive in the marketplace, you should figure out how to create a fully custom product design according to customer requirements. The customers expect the ability to customize anything and everything to fit their individual needs and not to pay more than they have to. On the other hand, product customization means remarkable rise of design costs and project lead time.

Codeo Design Automation

helps you to generate fully customized product designs. While you’re taking advantage of providing your customers great benefits on the marketplace, Codeo Design Automation unlocks more room on your project timeline by eliminating rework process of your design lifecycle and makes you so smarter than your competitors!

Always Have A Wide Engineering Vision

As in all other manufacturers, the evolution of your industry experience is driven by whole your design practices through the years. The companies collect design knowhow, experience and skills of their most value-adding engineers to build a combined knowledge. On the other hand, the storing, sharing and using this knowledge is mostly painful. In your design team, the solution approach may vary from person to person when it shouldn’t. This may cause a breakdown the cycle PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) of the project. In this situation, it is most likely that project costs increase as the quality of the product decreases.

Codeo Design Automation

keeps the combined knowledge of your company, provides the best solution and standardizes your product configuration. Even though your product design needs advanced engineering skills, you just need to enter simple inputs to configure it without rework time!

With the CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) connection, Codeo Design Automation optimizes your design structure by applying structural analyses including linear, non-linear and thermal stresses, buckling and modal response when the boundary conditions are out of its usual range. So while you are configuring your product, Codeo Design Automation also automates CAE process and generates analysis reports of possible FEM (Finite Element Method) solutions!

Eliminate Errors, Reduce Quality Costs

Even if you have highly skilled engineers, the conventional 3D modelling process is vulnerable to unseen and even undetectable modelling errors. When the time pressure of the project deadline narrows the vision, it becomes impossible to catch them. This increases the post-modelling quality costs of the product lifecycle significantly.

Codeo Design Automation eliminates the modelling works with no worries about how they are detailed. By entering the same inputs, it generates the same output CAD data with no surprises. Codeo Design Automation helps you to reduce the quality costs of your product lifecycle!