Becoming a Unity Certified Associate: Exam Preparation Workshop Series


Level : Beginner

Prerequisites : None

Duration : 24 hours

Trainer : Unity Certified Instructor

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This series of workshops covers industry trends, employment, principles of game design, production and development. After completing this workshop, participants will walk away with the relevant industry knowledge needed to begin their path to a career in game development.
Participants will receive a strong foundational knowledge on the game industry and learn about necessary game design and development pipelines. They will also go hands-on in the Unity Editor to create projects specifically for mobile and 3D development. Finally they will create a Game Design Document for their own game ideas and work on bringing that idea to life inside of Unity.
By successfully completing the activities presented in this workshop, participants will obtain all of the necessary industry knowledge, along with foundational production and development skills needed to pass the Unity Certified Associate Exam.

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