HDRP High Fidelity Lighting


Unity level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Some experience with Unity suggested

Duration: 8 hours

Trainer: Unity-Certified Instructor

Requirements: Each participant will need at minimum an i5 PC with 4GB of RAM with a DirectX11 equivalent GPU and a standard 2-button mouse. As well as a power supply (including any necessary international adapters), and Unity 2019.3 installed prior to the workshop.

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This intermediate-level workshop created with Unity’s Spotlight Team explores lighting with HDRP Preview in Unity 2019.3. It provides an in-depth exploration of Unity’s best practices for setting up HDRP to create believable high-fidelity lighting with real-time baked lighting. Topics include lighting configuration, lighting for different scenarios, light types and properties, and how Material properties affect lighting in a Scene. This workshop will prepare you for working with HDRP for real-time projects or any project that requires photorealistic light quality.

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