Preparing CAD Assets for Unity with PiXYZ Studio


Level : Beginner

Prerequisites : No prior experience required

Duration : 1 day

Class size : 15 people

Trainer : Unity Certified Instructor

Requirements : Participants must have PiXYZ Studio or active 7-day trial installed on their computer


In this workshop, we’ll introduce you to the process of using PiXYZ Studio to prepare CAD assets for use in the Unity Engine. You’ll learn how to assess your model for necessary cleanup, adjust the model hierarchy for ease of use in Unity and for rigging purposes, and how to properly generate a Unity-friendly mesh.

With your mesh preparation complete, you’ll learn how to import the clean mesh into Unity and apply HDRP materials. You’ll also learn how to create simple animation sequences, such as opening a door.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have experienced Unity’s complete import pipeline for CAD objects, and you’ll be able to set up simple scenes with your imported assets.

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