Unity Expert Gameplay Programmer Certification Exam Preparation


Level : Advanced

Prerequisites : 2-3 years ofexperience developing games with Unity with advanced programming skills, particularly in the C# language

Duration : 21-24 hours

Class size : 15 people

Trainer : Unity Certified Instructor

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This goal of this workshop is through completing activity challenges in all the six Unity Expert Gameplay Programmer Certification exam topic areas and reviewing suggested reading in the ebook, participants will be prepared to successfully pass the exam and gain certification.

This workshop covers six topic areas distributed over 3 days of study. These topics include Rapid Gameplay Prototyping and Unity Services Implementation; NPC Design programming and User Interface Implementation; Level Design Programming and Performance Optimization.

The format of this workshop is project and activity based. Participants will spend most of their time individually programming to solve challenges introduced by the instructor with brief group discussion and group sharing to clarify concepts and problems.

This workshop is not a follow-the-leader style course. Participants will need to feel comfortable individually programming a game in Unity.

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