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Unity Reflect & Unity Pro: Create Realistic, Real-time Visualizations

In this workshop, participants will create a Realtime 3D (RT3D) visualization with Reflect and Unity Pro. This workshop is designed for users who have little to no familiarity with Reflect and Unity Pro and will introduce them to the full development pipeline starting in Revit and ending with a completed application ready for distribution.
Participants will learn how to configure projects for fast iteration with Reflect, and how to leverage Unity Pro’s suite of design tools to create highly realistic design visualizations without the need for any code or deep technical knowledge. By completing this workshop, participants will have gained an understanding of the Unity development pipeline and will be prepared to begin creating their own projects.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

    ● Describe the properties of Reflect and how it is used in a Realtime 3D pipeline
    ● Define key features of Reflect and how it can be used to support common AEC use cases
    ● Configure Reflect for use in new and existing projects
    ● Use Reflect to collaborate with team members
    ● Design realistic scenes in Unity using data brought into the editor with Reflect
    ● Demonstrate basic development practices in Unity such project organization


    ● Introduction: Workshop Overview
    ● Activity 1: Project Setup with Reflect
    ● Activity 2: Using Reflect to Bring Content to Unity Pro
    ● Activity 3: Mesh Prep and Applying Materials
    ● Activity 4: Creating an Environment
    ● Activity 5: Lighting and Post Processing
    ● Activity 6: Adding Camera Control and Publishing
    ● Conclusion: Wrap up and Survey

What to Bring

    ● Laptop: Windows or OSX with a Virtual Machine or Bootcamp installed, power supply
    (including any necessary international adapters), and mouse.
    ● Unity ID
    ● Unity Pro 2019.2
    ● Revit 2018, 2019, or 2020

Level : Beginner

Prerequisites : No prior
experience required

Duration : 8 hours

Trainer : Unity Certified

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