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Autodesk Inventor Essentials Training

autodesk inventor 2021

This course is an introduction to 3D design for Autodesk Inventor.
The course consists of +1 day training that will take place after 4-6 weeks following 3 days of basic training. Thus, it is ensured that the participants spend enough time with the software during this period and accumulate possible questions until the last day of the training.
Participants will be able to design medium or complex parts and assemblies and create design documentation and visuals.

Course Requirement:
• Basic use of Microsoft® Windows®
• Preferably technical drawing and design experience.
• Preferably AutoCAD knowledge.
Participants who complete this course can participate in our certification exam preparation training to be successful in Autodesk Inventor ACU&ACP exams and become “Autodesk Certified” recognized by the industry worldwide.

  • Turning Inventor on and off
  • Inventor File Types
  • User Interface
  • Designing Parts
  • Creating Part and Technical Drawing Templates
2.Data and Projects
  • Working With Projects
  • Single User and Multi-User Project Comparison
  • Creating a Project
  • Content Center
  • Project Settings
3.Introduction to Sketch Commands
  • Sketch Options and Settings
  • Creating Sketches From Autocad Drawings
  • Creating a 2D Sketch
  • Geometric Constraints
  • Dimensioning a Sketch
  • Construction Geometries
4.Basic Part Design
  • Creating a Solid Body From Sketch
  • Sketch Pattern and Mirroring
  • Editing Parametric Parts
  • Advanced Modeling Techniques
  • Using Parameter and Equation
  • Multi-Body Parts
  • iProperties
5.Sheet Metal Modeling
  • Using Templates Rules
  • Sheet Metal Default
  • Working With Flat Patterns
  • Sheet Metal Annotations
6.Introduction to Assembly Modeling
  • Inserting Companents Into Assembly
  • Inserting Content Center Parts Into Assembly
  • Assembly Constraints and Joints
  • Editing Parts in Assembly
  • Assembly Management Tools
7.Introduction to Presentation
  • Creating Presentation Views
  • Creating Presentations and Exploded
8.Introduction to Technical Drawing
  • Base View and Projected Views
  • Section View and Detailed Views
  • Automated and Manual Dimensioning
  • Creating a BOM List and Customized Part List

32 hours (8 days)
Who should attend?
Inexperienced, less experienced or other CAD users.
Learning Objectives:
• Enabling users to use the parts and assembly environments in Inventor.
• Creating design documentation and visualization skills.