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Many databases, one tool


Have fun using databases

Meet DataGrip, a brand-new database IDE designed with the unique requirements of expert SQL developers in mind.


Intelligent query console

Gives you the option to run queries in various modes and offers a local history that records all of your activity and guards against losing your work.

Efficient schema navigation

Allows you to immediately access any table, view, or procedure by name from its uses in the SQL language or from the related action.

Explain Plan

Gives you a thorough understanding of how your queries operate and the behavior of the database engine so you can improve their efficiency.

Smart Code Completion

With the aid of DataGrip's context-sensitive code completion, you can write SQL code more quickly. Completion is aware of the foreign keys and even database objects created in the code you're altering, as well as the structure of the tables.

On-the-fly analysis and quick-fixes

DataGrip finds potential flaws in your code and recommends the fastest ways to resolve them. It uses keywords to identify unresolved things and notifies you right away. It also always provides a solution.

Refactorings that work in SQL files and schemas

All references in your SQL code are appropriately resolved by DataGrip, which also enables you to reorganize them. Anywhere in the file that a variable or an alias is used, it will be updated when you rename them. When you rename references to tables from your queries, the actual table names in the database are updated. Even a glimpse of how tables and views are used within other views, stored procedures, and functions is available.

Version control integration

For all popular version control programs, including Git, SVN, Mercurial, and many others, we offer unified support.