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Fast & powerful cross-platform .NET IDE


Amazing.NET IDE with ReSharper’s capabilities! Our whole development team uses Rider on both Windows and macOS.

Supports many .NET project types

Rider supports projects built on the.NET Framework, the brand-new cross-platform.NET Core, and Mono. This enables you to create a variety of applications, such as.NET desktop programs, services, and libraries, as well as Unity video games, Xamarin mobile applications, and ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core web programs.

Feature-rich and fast

Rich in features and quick
Rider combines the reliable IDE capabilities of the IntelliJ platform with more than 2200 live code inspections, hundreds of context actions, and refactorings delivered by ReSharper. Rider is made to be quick and responsive despite having a large feature set.


Rider itself works on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and it runs and debugs multiple runtimes as well.

Code analysis

Rider boasts to have performed 2,200+ live code inspections and offers automated quick fixes to address identified problems one at a time or in bulk. Even in closed files, solution-wide error analysis will keep track of code problems and alert you if anything goes wrong.

Code editing

The sophisticated editor in Rider offers a variety of code completion options, code templates, auto-inserting import directives and matching braces, context actions, quick info tooltips, and gutter icons for inheritance navigation.


The majority of ReSharper's 60+ refactorings and its 450+ context actions are already included in Rider. In addition to many other things, you can rename, extract methods, interfaces, and classes, move and copy types, and much more!

Unit test runner

Rider enables you to execute and troubleshoot unit tests built using MSTest,, or NUnit. Tests can be explored, organized in various ways, divided into separate sessions, their results can be viewed, and source code can be accessed via stack traces.

Debugger and more tools

The debugger in Rider allows you to step, watch, evaluate, and run to the cursor and is compatible with.NET Framework, Mono, and.NET Core programs. A stack trace explorer, NuGet browser, VCS and database support are additional tools.

Databases and SQL

Access databases with SQL without leaving Rider. Run queries, connect to databases, change schemas and table data, and even use UML diagrams to examine schemas.

Navigation and search

Instantly navigate to any file, member, or type in your code base and discover settings and actions with ease. Browse from a symbol to its base and derived symbols, extension methods, or implementations, or search for any symbol's uses.


In keeping with its origins, Rider is compatible with a wide range of plugins created for ReSharper and IntelliJ Platform. Additionally to the plugins that come pre-installed (including those for VCS, F#, and Unity support), there are plugins that support Markdown,.gitignore files, and Python scripts.

Front-end technologies

JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and Sass support are all included into Rider. Utilize the WebStorm-integrated refactoring, debugging, and unit testing features.