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The smartest JavaScript IDE


An integrated development environment (IDE) for JavaScript and associated technologies is called WebStorm. Like previous JetBrains IDEs, it improves your development experience by automating tedious processes and assisting you in mastering challenging ones.

Specialized in JavaScript

Looking for a tool you can rely on for even the most challenging JavaScript development tasks? For more than ten years, we've been enhancing WebStorm to make coding more pleasurable. WebStorm has you covered whether you work with JS, TS, React, Vue, Angular, Node.js, HTML, or style sheets.

The smartest editor

WebStorm deeply understands your project structure and can assist you with every aspect of writing code. It will autocomplete your code, detect and suggest fixes for errors and redundancies, and help you refactor code safely.

Built-in developer tools

The convenience of having all of your necessary tools in one location when working in an IDE is one of its best features. Work with version control, debug and test your client-side and Node.js projects using WebStorm. Utilize the linters, build tools, terminal, and HTTP client that are all built within the IDE.

Fast navigation and search

No matter how big your projects are, move through your code quicker. Search for specific files, classes, or symbols, and then review all of the matches in one location. Any function, method, variable, component, or class definition can be accessed directly, allowing quick access to use information.

Efficient teamwork

Faster onboarding of new teammates thanks to preconfigured key functionality. Together, code in real time and communicate with others directly from the IDE. Utilize Git and GitHub to collaborate effectively and share project settings, such as coding style preferences.

Customizable environment

Want to increase the existing capabilities? Try out different plugins and themes to personalize WebStorm's appearance and feel. Save your customized settings and use them across many WebStorm instances.