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Codeo Simulation Services

Simulation is playing a key role in the future of making things. Codeo Simulation Services provides a full portfolio of solutions to fit your needs.

Accurate simulations in the early phases of your product development cycle ensure success and save your time against possible errors.

As Codeo Engineering Services, we have more than seven years of experience in the fields of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering on Implicit & Explicit Simulations, Finite Element Simulations (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations (CFD), Generative Design, Plant Layout Simulations, Process Optimization and Quality Assurance.

We always catch up with the latest technological innovations in Computational Engineering and integrate simulations into the AR&VR Environment.

Use our simulation expertise, ensuring higher quality, lower costs and faster time to market.

No matter what your project is, we work closely with you to scope and build simulations, conduct results analysis, provide reports and integrate simulation into your processes.

We identify and implement the right simulation strategy for your needs.

Amongst the expertise and Computer-Aided Engineering services we offer are:
Stress Simulations
  • Static Structural  
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Linear & Non-Linear  
  • Structural Buckling
  • Modal Frequencies
  • Shape Optimization
Impact Simulations
  • Falling Object Protective Structure Level I-II (FOPS) Simulation according to EN ISO 3449 Tier-1 criteria
  • Roll-Over Protection Structures Simulation according to EN ISO 3471 – 3449 criteria
  • Mass-Spring Damping Systems
  • Dynamic Simulation
Thermal Simulations
  • Thermal 
  • Thermal Stress 
Flow Simulations

  • Axial Flow Fan Simulation
  • Fan & Fin Optimization
  • Aerodynamic Flow Simulation of Wind Turbine