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All .NET tools, ReSharper C++,
and JetBrains Rider, together in one pack


Each dotUltimate license allows a single developer to use these JetBrains tools.

Your complete .NET toolkit

Your coding will be far more powerful with dotUltimate, regardless of the type of work you do. In order to assist you in taking use of the various opportunities offered by.NET development, it comes with extensions for Visual Studio, a standalone IDE, and a collection of profiling and coverage tools.

There are many different types of.NET development, including complex enterprise development using the.NET Framework, cross-platform development using.NET Core, mobile app development using Xamarin, game development using Unity, cloud computing with Blazor, Razor, and ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core, and web application development using Blazor, Razor, and ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core. DotUltimate has you covered no matter what you are producing.


Profile and track coverage

Developers that want to get rid of speed bottlenecks, patch memory leaks, and make sure their unit tests are completely covered should consider getting a dotUltimate license. You may effectively and efficiently address performance and memory consumption concerns at all phases of the development cycle with the help of dotUltimate's extensive, simple-to-use tools.

The Rider plugins for dotCover and dotTrace, as well as dotMemory, are only accessible as a part of a dotUltimate license.


More tools for the same price

Have you devoted several hours to persuading your manager to upgrade your "ReSharper Ultimate" license to "ReSharper Ultimate + Rider," only to be turned down due to the additional expense? No longer!

You can mix and match both tools with a flexible dotUltimate license, selecting the best tool for the task at hand each time. Without needing to buy a separate license, switch between ReSharper and Rider with ease. Better yet, it costs exactly what a ReSharper Ultimate license did in the past!


No need to choose only one IDE

You may quickly transition between JetBrains Rider and Visual Studio with ReSharper using dotUltimate. ReSharper-enhanced Visual Studio may be used to work on Windows projects, and the quick and potent JetBrains Rider can be used for.NET cross-platform programming. You can use both IDEs (along with other useful tools) with a dotUltimate license to create high-caliber applications in any setting and increase your productivity.