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Space brings software
development teams together

JetBrains Space

Everything your software team needs in a single tool


Everything in one place

Get your company a single platform with a full project management, communication, and software development toolchain.

Distractions minimized

By controlling all of your alerts in integrated chats, you can receive the information that matters to you while removing distractions and context switching.

Remote development toolset

Streamline onboarding, save secure code, and work from anywhere with any type of laptop using remote development toolset. Create a development environment that is ready to use, connect to your IDE, and begin coding immediately.

Extensible and customizable

Using a robust HTTP API, Webhooks, and a Client SDK, you can automate business processes and build integrations on top of a single platform with Space.

Easy start up

Start projects right away, and build up the infrastructure with ease. Consistency and unification in every area are guaranteed by a consistent UI/UX.

Native integration with IDE

To fully utilize the integrated collaboration solution inside your personal development environment, connect your JetBrains IDE to Space.

Scales with your business

You can climb with ease. Space as your business expands and additional teams use the platform. You can alter and expand the space to suit your precise requirements.

Cost saving solution

Get one platform to manage teams, plan and collaborate on projects, and create software more quickly rather than paying for many solutions.