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Unity Training Workshops

The only Unity authorized in-person training

Introduction to Animated Storytelling

Real-time filmmaking is increasingly becoming one of the most in-demand skills in film and animation. This brand-new workshop is designed to instruct learners looking to harness Unity for cinematic sequences such as trailers, cut-scenes, short films, and more. This workshop covers eight topics, including the below:

    Project setup: configuration, shortcuts, best practices, and basic Unity Editor familiarity for film and animation
    Layout and scene-building:tips for blocking and setting up early staging of action in a 3D environment, including lighting, cameras, and sequencing
    Lighting:overview and tips for maximizing artistic storytelling using Unity’s Post-Processing Stack
    Cameras and shot-building: harnessing tools like Cinemachine and Timeline for professional, intuitive camera work
    Final frame: using the Unity Recorder and exporting to various formats to suit your needs
    Each area focuses on a specific set of activities around each topic and empowers learners with hands-on project work. By the end of this workshop, participants will understand how to get started with Unity for animated storytelling.

Unity level: Beginner

Prerequisites : None

Duration : 1 day

Class size : 15 people

Trainer : Unity-Certified Instructor

Requirements : Each participant will need a powerful computer equivalent to an Intel I7 with 32Gb of RAM, with a dedicated video card (GeForce 1060 or higher), and a standard 2-button mouse. As well as a power supply (including any necessary international adapters), and Unity 2018.3 installed prior to the workshop.