Introduction to Virtual Reality


Level : Intermediate

Prerequisites : Prior experience with the Unity editor.

Duration : 7-8 hours

Class size : 15 people

Trainer: Unity Certified Instructor

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In this intermediate level workshop, participants will learn to get started in VR. As such, no time is spent on the fundamentals of working within the Unity editor, and scripts are discussed in regards to their functionality rather than breaking down how they work step by step. The project built in the workshop is the Laser Cop Room Scale VR Game.

Subjects covered include developing a basic VR game for PC/Mac/Console, optimization techniques, ergonomics, physics and audio for VR.
Although a gaming project is used as the example in this workshop, the features and functions are applicable to all Unity projects. The VR game that participants will build is fully compatible with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and should be equally usable on any other PC headset. Please note, it will not work on mobile.

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