Stunning Visuals: A Workflow for Artists


Level : Beginner

Prerequisites : Prior experience with the Unity editor.

Duration : 7-8 hours

Class size : 15 people

Trainer : Unity Certified Instructor

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In this workshop, participants will move beyond their foundational knowledge of Unity and deep dive into high fidelity capabilities of the engine. Participants will work with the new features in 2018.1 to create a futuristic racing game using assets created by Cybernetic Walrus.

After a brief refresher on key Unity terms and processes, participants will become familiar with more detailed aspects of lighting settings, and how to work with Reflection probes. They’ll then create the game’s vehicle controller, using Cinemachine to do all the heavy lifting of generating a dynamic camera.

Next, the participants will work with the Post-Processing Stack and the new Post-Processing volumes to generate different lighting scenarios throughout the scene. Finally, they will complete the project by creating an opening cutscene with Timeline, and a dynamic sound track with the Audio Mixer.

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