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Autodesk Vault Essentials Training

This course covers the training of Vault Pro, Autodesk’s PDM solution.
With Autodesk Vault facilitating the creation and sharing of digital prototyping, it is possible to increase the productivity and design life cycle speed of the working groups.
With the course content, participants will improve themselves in the following areas:
Data Management from PDM’s improved functions, Search and Reuse of Data, Version and Revision Control, Managing and Controlling Design Data via Engineering Change Orders (ECO) Management.

Participants must be familiar with the working principles of Vault or another PDM prior to the course.
Course Requirements:
•Basic use of Microsoft® Windows®
•Preferably technical drawing and design experience
At the end of the course, participants can take the Autodesk Vault Certification Exam and have the title of “Autodesk Certified” recognized by industries all over the world

1.User Interface
  • Access to Vault
  • User Interface
  • Project Explorer
  • Item Master
  • Change Orders
  • Custom Views
  • Worklists / Shortcuts
  • Grouping and Filtering
2.Working With Vault Client
  • File Check In / Out in Autodesk
  • File Check In / Out in Microsoft Office Products
  • Creating a Folder / Folder Structure
  • Revision Schemes
  • Life Cycles
  • Custom Properties
  • Property Mapping and Configuration
  • Searching Capabilities
  • Reporting
  • View Shares
  • Assing a File ECO(Engineering Change Order)
  • Web Client
3.Exporting From Vault
  • File Transfer
  • Sending the File Links
  • Batch Plot
  • Package Files
  • Innovative Brand
4. BOM Controls
  • Item Assignment
  • Item Numbering
  • Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Link Files
  • BOM Extraction to ERP
  • Permission Managements
5. Advanced Configuration
  • Job Processor
  • Revision Table
  • Setting Up a User Account
  • Folder Level Control
  • Content Indexing
  • ECO Configuration
  • File / Item Numbering Scenarios
  • Vault Autoloader
  • User Management
  • Roller
  • Groups

32 hours (8 days)
Who should attend?
This course is suitable for new users who want to master of all Vault’s basic tools.
Learning Objectives:
To provide a basis for users to use Autodesk Vault’s powerful tools on their workgroups in an efficient way.