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Unity Training Workshops

The only Unity authorized in-person training

XR Developer Workshop Series

In this 10-session virtual workshop series (40 modular hours), participants will learn to create sophisticated VR applications through a project-based approach.

While utilizing Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit, participants will develop a VR Design Visualization application in a collaborative learning environment consisting of Instructor-led Live Sessions, Instructor-guided Project Work and 1:1 Project Review Office Hours.

By the end of this training workshop, participants will have utilized their new understanding of VR interactions, locomotion, and user interfaces to create a polished final project.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

    • ● Configure Unity development environment and hardware in order to work on Virtual Reality-enabled (VR-enabled) projects.
    • ● Design and implement interactions in VR using Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit.
      ● Prepare, import, and configure assets in a manner that will support and enhance the Virtual Reality experience.
      ● Identify and apply best practices in VR in order to create experiences with comfort and usability in mind.
      ● Configure grab interactions using Ray/Direct Interactors and Interactables.
      ● Implement Locomotion in VR by creating VR Rigs with Teleportation Anchors and Providers.
      ● Create VR-friendly and intuitive user interface using world-space rendered Canvas UI elements and XRUI pointers.
      ● Fine tune user experience by configuring haptic feedback on Interactors and customizable Interactable events.
      ● Add professional polish to a project with VR-optimized audio and post processing effects
      ● Configure simple multi-user applications using Photon Unity Networking

      Example 10-Day OutlineWeek 1 ( 4-hour days) 

      Session 1 – Setting up VR in Unity
      Activity 1 – Configure and Build a Simple VR Project

      Session 2 – Interactors and Interactables
      Activity 2 + Office Hours – Capstone Project Kickoff

      Session 3 – Locomotion in VR
      Activity 3 – Teleportation Anchors

      Session 4 – User Interfaces in VR
      Activity 4 – Create Interactive Interfaces

      Session 5 – Advanced Interactions in VR
      Activity 5 + Office Hours – Create Advanced Interactions

      Week 2 (4-hour days)

      Session 6 – Audio and User Experience in VR
      Activity 6 – Polish Interactions and Project Audio

      Session 7 – Post Processing and Lighting
      Activity 7 + Office Hours – Finalize and Build your Application

      Session 8 – Multi-user Applications
      Activity 8 – Test networking solution

      Session 9 – Advanced Networking: User Avatars
      Activity 9 – Fine tune and test networking

      Session 10 – Capstone reviews
      Activity 10 + Office Hours – Capstone Project Review


● VR-Ready PC (Minimum specifications below, but please double-check to ensure your PC meets the requirements specified by your VR Headset manufacturer)

○ Windows 7 64bit or more recent (Windows 10.1 recommended)

○ Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater

○ GPU: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 or greater

○ 8GB RAM or more (16GB recommended)

● VR Headset and Handheld Controllers , such as the following (6DOF, Room-scale)

○ Oculus Rift, Rift S

○ HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Vive Cosmos

○ Windows Mixed Reality Headset (various)

○ Oculus Quest with Oculus Link cable

Software Requirements

● Have Unity Hub and Unity 2019.3 installed

● Install any software or SDKs related to your VR Headset

○ Oculus Software for Oculus Headsets

○ Steam VR for HTC and WindowsMR headsets

Level : Intermediate

Prerequisites : Write and apply basic C# scripts
Work confidently in the Unity Editor.

Duration : 40 hours

Trainer : Unity Certified Instructor

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